Posted by: lmbeddow | July 11, 2008

Reference Collection

With Friday, July 11 here — mid-summer — the Library Circulation Clerk is shifting in the Bound and UnBound Periodicals in order to work his way, in reverse, from the A section (Alabama Heritage) to the U section (US News and World Report) so that we can utilize the space where bound and unbound volumes have been removed and withdrawn. We plan to use this newly acquired space to re-locate lesser used reference books and leave, in what we will call the ‘Ready Reference’ section, the more current and useful reference books.

Did you know that history instructors can assign students reading about The Great War (WWII) of the 1940s from the U S News and World Report of that same time period?  Brewer Library has bound volumes in good condition beginning with the year 1940. We can read about D-Day from US News written the week following the event!

As for my part, I am about to take a Book Cart and go to the ‘H’ section (Business, Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, etc.) of the stacks and do what we call ‘weed’. This means removing books that offer old, outdated information, books that are worn, yellow, and in poor condition. Many times it is difficult to choose between removing a book and leaving it on the shelf. Sometimes it is an important book that can be sent to the Bindery for re-binding and put back on the shelf. 

Some Calhoun faculty have been very helpful by coming to the Library and examining books that I have pulled to be withdrawn from the collection for possible withdrawal. We consider faculty to be the content experts, and a book may be old but it may be a ‘definitive’ book in the subject that should remain on the shelf. Faculty who have helped library staff in the past determine which books to Withdraw and which books to leave on the shelf (or have re-bound to remain on the shelf) are the chair of the CIS division, the biology lab instructor and a chemistry instructor. Nursing faculty always ‘read’ the nursing section and put a ‘star’ on books that they think should be removed from the collection. We then go back and remove those books with a ‘star’ and staff will then perform the ‘withdrawal process’ in the Horizon database of removing the item record.



More later. . . .


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