Posted by: lmbeddow | July 14, 2008

Bound and Unbound Periodicals

The Brewer Library Circulation Clerk worked most of the day last Friday and managed to complete the ‘shifting’ of the Bound and Unbound Periodicals that remain. He says he didn’t get sore so he must be in good physical condition.

By selecting older Bound and Unbound Periodicals to remove, we have managed to ‘come up with’ three and a half large, empty shelves and the Bound and Unbound periodicals are now shelved appropriately in alphabetical order – again– with small amounts of space left to grow. The Technical Services Assistant continues to withdraw old, outdated periodicals that we have selected to remove from the shelves. Instructors at Calhoun want students to use current information from journals and magazines in bibliographies–some subject areas specific the information must be no older than two years and other say within the last three to five years.

Literature is one of the exceptions, so we have left on the shelves all volumes of literary journals–Studies in Short Fiction, American Literature, Contemporary Literature, Early American Literature, and the like.

The next step after the empty shelves are cleaned will be to continue selecting and removing and relocating lesser used but still significant Reference books — to the empty shelves at the end of the Bound and Unbound Periodicals. These books will be nearby, but will not occupy the prominent location at the front of the Library. Remaining Reference books in that prominent location will be renamed ‘Ready Reference’. This is partly in preparation for the re-incorporation of the former Media Services area of the Library to again become part of the Library–only this time it will be casual seating, library materials for easy browsing, and hopefully , a coffee shop.

More later . . . .


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