Posted by: lmbeddow | July 15, 2008

Reference Books

Today staff completed the selection and re-location of the Reference Books to the new location in the former Bound and Unbound Periodicals section — Reference books that were re-located are older and less frequently used reference books–like a book of historical US maps.

Reference books that will remain in their current location will be known as ‘Ready Reference’ books. The LRC Librarian created a new ‘collection’ for ‘Ready Reference’ in the Horizon library automation system Policy File. Staff will now take book by book and edit each item record in the database, removing the ‘Ref’ and adding the ‘Ready Reference’ to the call number.  And, new spine labels will then be printed from the item record and applied to each Ready Reference book. Who except the Library staff would know such details must be addressed when books are moved around? Oh, and the signage must be re-located as well. And a new sign purchased for ‘Ready Reference’ since this is a collection that is new to the Library. All in a day’s work so that you — our student — can ‘find’ the books in the Library after you have searched and found them in the Library Catalog!

Now I need to go back to the Stacks, again, and continue ‘weeding’ the ‘L’ section. In order to ‘weed’ the collection I just about have to handle each and every book in my effort to determine ‘should it stay’ or ‘should it go’? One chapter heading I noticed in a book last week was titled, “Education, like charity, begins at home”. Good advice, I thought.


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