Posted by: ccclib | January 25, 2010

Accessing eBooks

Recently, we’ve been asked several questions about accessing and viewing the collection of electronic books available to Calhoun students through NetLibrary.  The following is a brief introduction to using our eBook collection.

To view eBooks (full text electronic books) you must first Create a Free Account from the NetLibrary Web site using a campus (Decatur or Huntsville) networked computer.

All patrons—students, faculty, staff and community—are encouraged to Create a Free Account from a computer in a lab, the Library or the Huntsville Campus Library. For Off Campus access to full-text eBooks, login to NetLibrary at The NetLibrary eBook collection numbers over 50,000 titles and all books are full text. Full text is searchable.

You may search within NetLibrary or the library’s online catalog.  Catalog searches will return both print and electronic resources.  If you select an electronic resource from the catalog it will provide a direct link to that eBook at NetLibrary.

[Click on screen shot images for larger view]


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