Posted by: ccclib | February 18, 2010

Something’s Brewing at Brewer Library

Would you be interested in a coffee shop on Calhoun’s campus?  How about in the library?  Drop by and fill out a survey to let us know your level of interest or click on the poll link at the end of this post to reply online.

Apparently this is a growing trend among academic libraries, as evidenced by an article from the Christian Science Monitor:

Food for Thought

The article also emphasizes the roles of twenty first century libraries: 

…the information available online has no overall quality control to assure the veracity of information. That makes most of it useless for scholarship – unless undergraduates are carefully trained by librarians to discern which Web-based material is solid.

Interestingly, many roles are still those that have been performed by libraries for centuries:

Unlike the Internet, libraries not only maintain quality control, but they are organized – a feature quickly apparent to students frustrated with the flotsam returned by search engines on the Web.

How important do you think it is for Calhoun to offer a place somewhere on the Decatur campus where you can buy a cup of coffee and perhaps a breakfast item?



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