Posted by: ccclib | February 24, 2010

Alabama Virtual Library Databases Added

From the Alabama Virtual Library listserv:

At the AVL Executive Council meeting on Feb. 18th, the council voted to license the following databases for a limited time thru Sept. 30, 2010. Usage of the resources will be monitored, and although these databases have been restored for the remainder of the State of Alabama’s fiscal year, we cannot guarantee they will be available next year.  To help secure their continued availability, please contact your State of Alabama elected officials (,
and tell them how the AVL helps you!

Has the AVL helped you finish an important school project, find a job, or start a business?  The more real-life stories we have to share with our elected officials, the greater the likelihood we can maintain and, possibly, add resources.  Please share with us your success stories (Email:

Databases licensed until Sept. 30, 2010:

Britannica’s Annals of American History
Britannica’s World Data Analyst
Britannica’s Spanish-Language Resources
Enciclopedia Juvenil
Enciclopedia Universal en Español
Wilson’s Biography Reference Bank


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