Posted by: ccclib | May 13, 2010

Diaspora Update

When last we saw the Diaspora development team (way back on Tuesday) they had raised a little over $20,000.00 through Kickstarter.  A mere two days later (as of 12:55 CST Thursday), that total has skyrocketed to $102,654.00!  That’s a 400% increase and more than ten times the target amount they said they would need to finish developing their open-source, privacy-enhancing social networking software.

I won’t say that their mention in this blog is a direct cause of substantial investments pouring in…but if someone else would like to say it, feel free.  Actually, this emphasizes how pressing an issue online privacy has become and how many people are eager to see social networking that places privacy in the hands of the end user become a reality.  At least 2,943 people (so far) want it badly enough to pledge money to the project.


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