Posted by: ccclib | May 18, 2010

Which Ebook Reader?

Kindle, Nook, iPad app, or some other ebook reader?  Which is best?  Well, that really depends on what you want.  If the number of titles available is your priority, then Kindle might be the way to go.  If you’re more concerned about digital rights management and want to be able to lend ebooks to friends or read them on other devices you may want to try another platform…or wait and see how the ebook market shakes itself out.

From the New York Times: “…the hard choice comes down to differentiating how you select your books, and how you may one day like to use them…” Read the full article.



  1. Well this post was deceptive. I thought that your “read the full article here” link was going to take me to the full text of your blog post. Guess I’ll have to go read the New York Times to see the point that you were making.

    I think it’s going to come down to portability across the platforms. I read an article recently that was discussing the awareness of e-readers in different countries. Turns out that China and India were higher on the list than was America.

    Really, the walled garden needs to be turned into a public park, else e-books will never reach critical mass.

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