Posted by: ccclib | September 8, 2010

CREDO Reference

CREDO Reference, new to Calhoun this fall, is an online reference collection of 500 books offering information on many subjects. It is a good starting place for researching a topic.

CREDO offers a search engine similar to Google, but instead of searching the Internet, results come from a library of trusted reference sources without advertisements, clutter, or irrelevant hits. It can be described as a ‘scholarly, peer-reviewed Wikipedia’.

Narrow the results list by subject, entry type, media, person, and publication date. Search any topic or subject in Credo Reference content and continue the search in the Library Catalog and online databases for more information. Use Gadgets to answer short questions, get a definition, etc. Credo Reference books are accessible by title, author, and subject in the Library Catalog as well.

Access Credo from the link below. If accessing from off of a Calhoun campus, you will be prompted for a Username (Student/Employee ID Number) and Password (last name).


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