Posted by: ccclib | November 9, 2010

The Photography of Tina Wright

Common Grounds Café: Tina Wright Art Exhibit

Visit the Common Grounds Café located inside Brewer Library and enjoy a selection of Calhoun photography student Tina Wright’s photographs on display through December 2010.

Tina Wright’s journey in photography at Calhoun began in the fall of 2008. She has been a hobby photographer and a student of photography from early childhood. Why Photography?  She writes, “It was as if finally God opened the door for me to turn my hobby into a career!  Calhoun has allowed me to do that!”  Today, she writes, “I am a better photographer, I have a sense of the photography business, and I have the keys needed to succeed in what has become a very competitive business.”  She credits instructors Dr. John Colagross, Mark Davis, and Garth Fraser, all of whom she calls ‘professionals’ “who have let me into their world, shared their knowledge, and now I am a better photographer because of them”.

Ms. Wright will leave Calhoun in December with her business up and running under the name of Tina Wright Photography.  You can locate her Web site at , follow her blog, and become a FaceBook Fan.  A member of the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, her business focus is on Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Pets, Event Photography, and Sports.

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  1. […] Tina Wright has a great post on her blog about Common Grounds Cafe’ along with some excellent photos of the library, cafe’, and staff. […]

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