Posted by: ccclib | November 23, 2010

Kay McWhorter’s art in Common Grounds

K. M. McWhorter grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and graduated from the University of Alabama in Biology and Math.  Having always been interested in writing and lettering, she signed up for a Community Education calligraphy class taught by Susan Estes, a well-known and respected teacher in Decatur, Alabama.

McWhorter then attended a calligraphy conference in Birmingham simply to visit an old high school friend and was introduced by her to many different styles of lettering and related arts.  She fell in love with all facets of the lettering world and continues her studies today.  Her current teacher is Peter Thornton, who was trained in England and is highly regarded internationally as a teacher.  She has also taken classes taught by Kathryn Vaughn and is currently enrolled at Calhoun in Supervised Art under Kristine Beadle.

McWhorter resides in Decatur with her husband, Robert, and her cat Stormy.  She enjoys all the lettering arts as well as watercolor painting and photography.

Some examples of her work will be on display in Common Grounds Cafe inside Brewer Library through the end of December.

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