Posted by: ccclib | January 6, 2011

New Art in Common Grounds Cafe’

The artist, Mary Ann Droege, is a former health care administrator whose painting hobby has now become a career.

She describes her style and influences:

Inspired by the magnitude of nature and fascinated by diverse cultures, I celebrate the values of light, the harmonies of color and the mystique of textures through my paintings.  Art is a means for me to express my belief that, indeed, life is grand!

Working primarily in watercolor and oils, my style is experimental.  I treasure the experience of creating each painting and testing new ways to apply color and texture.  My subject matter varies from still life compositions to scenes of nature to very abstract shapes with the focus solely on color harmony and values.  I am inspired as I look at my surroundings and witness everyday life.  My paintings reflect the diversity of the world we live in and and each of my completed paintings are very different from one another and often surprise even me.

I also find great satisfaction in witnessing the development and supporting the growth of other artists, always seeming to learn from others as much or more than I have shared.  I now have the privilege to devote more time to personal development as an artist and to explore maximizing the potential for community recognition and support of the efforts of other artists.  This provides great fulfillment as both a student and a professional.

I have studied under inspiring artists such as Doolie Rule, Marilyn Brown, Helga Flowers, Sue Conner and Katheryn Vaughn.  Each of these artists has kindled my passion for art and have shared technical skills that have been very significant components in the evolution of my paintings.  My art expresses my personal interpretation of the world we all share.

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