Posted by: ccclib | January 7, 2011

More New Art for Common Grounds Cafe’

New watercolors were placed on display in Common Grounds Cafe’ inside Brewer Library yesterday.  The additions are by Elizabeth m. Hornish, who describes her “journey in art” as follows:

When I was thirteen, I had the opportunity to see a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit five times.  This gave me the chance to really examine his paintings and I discovered a world of light and shadow the likes of which I never imagined.  That experience stayed with me and when I started painting many years later I wanted to be able to recreate that feeling in my own paintings.

I started painting over twenty years ago when a friend suggested that I join her at a Saturday paint-a-long.  Little did I know that one day experience would start me on a journey in art.  My journey has taken me to workshops whereI learned technique, color theory, how to handle a paint brush, perspective, drawing, and different media.  I’ve traveld to Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Italy and Ireland to paint with master artists and learn from them.

Although I started my journey painting in oils, today I paint primarily in watercolor.  My paintings cover a wide range of subjects from fruits and vegetables to landscapes and still lifes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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