Posted by: ccclib | February 3, 2011

Sorry, but the internet is full.

As of today every possible IP address has been taken or reserved, according to Wired.  Under the current protocol (IPv4), no more new addresses can be generated.

What does this mean?  Maybe not much at first, but it

could eventually slow down your favorite web services, make it harder for websites to verify your identity, and complicate the design of services that depend on computer-to-computer connections, like peer-to-peer file sharing, Skype and more.

There are potential solutions including the adoption of another protocol such as IPv6, which has 2128 potential addresses, or “enough to give 5×1028 addresses to every human being on Earth.” However currently “less than 0.25% of the internet is wired to work with IPv6.”  Other intermediate workarounds entail their own problems.

Read the full story here:

No Easy Fixes as Internet Runs Out of Addresses


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