Posted by: ccclib | February 16, 2011

Lynn H. Weatherford art in Common Grounds

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Excerpt from artist’s statement:

My paintings reflect daily life in its chaotic setting. I capture memories of everyday life. Sometimes life is beautiful, sweet and kind; sometimes life is even ugly.

My style is a marriage of impressionism and realism with the added flavor of emotion. The impasto paint is usually laid with a palette knife or with a thick brush stroke. Color is brings drama and vibrancy to all my paintings. Color sometimes takes over my brush.

Van Gogh has long been an artistic mentor. Some of my beloved furry companions have even earned the right to carry his name.

My goal is to never stop learning…never get too comfortable…never abandon curiosity. I choose to absorb every bit of information I possibly can add to flavor life. I want to be the best I can be perhaps to honor the “gift”. I want my art to mean something more than just paint on a canvas. Emotion is often the driving force behind my paintings. Even if it lies
dormant to explode later.


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