Posted by: ccclib | March 2, 2011

March Art in Common Grounds Cafe’

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New paintings were placed on display in Common Grounds Cafe’ yesterday.  The artists are Mary Nelle Black and Mavis Stephens.  Their artist’s statements follow.

Mavis Stephens:

Mavis Stephens is a retired music educator and professional violinist.  In 1995 she put away her violin and bow and picked up the paint brush and palette and started painting.  Just putting color on a surface, whether it be wood, canvas, metal, fabric, or even the walls of her house is sheer joy for her.  Her style is mostly realistic and she enjoys exploring various subjects including landscapes, animals and portraits.  She works with watercolors and acrylics, but her favorite medium is oils.  She has exhibited in shows and galleries all over North Alabama.  She loves to share her art work with family and friends and especially enjoys donating her work for charitable events.

Mary Nelle Black:

Having retired, I cleaned all my closets, travelled to most of the places we wanted to see, and arrived at “What now?” I saw a one-day painting lesson advertised, took it, and thus began my addiction.

I immediately enrolled in Art classes at Calhoun Community College, and have been there ever since (eight years at last count), in a wonderful Supervised Study group.  I think I could be the “World’s Oldest Living Art Student.”

I am careful to keep painting as my pleasure, not my job.  I paint only what I love, exhibit on a limited basis and do some comminssion work.  (But, hey, it is all for sale!!!!!)  I also inflict a good bit of my artwork on family and friends, and donate to worthy fundraising events.

I have been fortunate to receive several awards, including the Chancellors Award three times, the Dr. Marilyn Beck Presidential Award, and Redstone Oktoberfest 2008 Best of Show.  My artwork was chosen for the cover of “The Muse” in 2009 and one of my paintings was featured on the cover of our First Baptist Church bulletin for several years.

My husband and children have been incredibly supportive and I thank the Lord for them, and for the joy He has given me through art.


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