Posted by: ccclib | March 28, 2011

Michael Knight’s books (Writers Conference, April 14)

Author Michael Knight will be at Calhoun’s Decatur campus on Thursday, April 14, for the Writer’s Conference. The Huntsville Campus Library and Brewer Library have copies of Michael Knight’s books, including his latest, The Typist (2010).

Other Knight books available at both Libraries include The Holiday Season (2007), Dogfight, and Other Stories (2007) and Goodnight, Nobody (2003). Inquire at the Circulation Desk — Huntsville Campus Library 256-890-4774 or Brewer Library 256-306-2774 — for checkout.

For information about Michael Knight and his writing, you can locate the following full text article in Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) database located mid-way down the page on the following Library Web site:

Knight, Michael. “How I Write.” The Writer. 121: 3 (2008): 58. Biography Reference Bank. Web. 28 Mar. 2011.


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