Posted by: ccclib | May 11, 2011

New Art in Common Grounds

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The current artists are Jackie Segars and Jane Blevins.  Their artists’ statements follow.

Jackie Segars

Family is first for me but art is very important.  After a career in government service, I decided to do what I really wanted to do–become a better artist.  I “quit my day job” and enrolled in the art department at Calhoun, which was the first step in achieving that goal.  The positive experiences with teachers and other students have made my time at Calhoun very pleasant and beneficial.  I feel I have grown as a person and an artist.

Besides, art is just fun and so are artists!

Jane Blevins

Art Education:  Calhoun Community College

Affiliations:  Decatur Art League, Foley Performing Arts, Carnegie Visual Arts, and Ascribing Artist


Carnegie Visual Arts Center Art Walk, 2006 – Present

Embracing Art (juried art show), 2006 – Present

Calhoun Community College Student Art Show – 2008-2010

October Fest sponsored by Huntsville Art League – 2008

Art in the Park, (juried art show) Foley Alabama – 2010

Monte Sano Art Show, 2010

The Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, AL, February – March 2011

As a child I realized that I looked at the world differently.  I realized the sky wasn’t just blue, the grass wasn’t just green, that flowers had their very own palette, and that each person I knew had their very own identity with colors and styles.  This all created a most beautiful palette of colors to be enjoyed and I dreamed of painting them all.

My dream did not come to fruition until five years ago when the desire to paint became so great that I knew this was the time to pursue my dream.  I can truthfully say that this dream would not have been fulfilled had it not been for Calhoun Community College and their supervised study program.  I walked into a classroom for the first time in several years and was greeted by instructors that patiently let me grow and expand my knowledge in art.  I was given my course outline and was able to follow it due to the encouragement, critiques, and advice given to me.  After completing the painting I and II classes, I continued at Calhoun in the supervised study program.  There is a great sense of “sisterhood” in this class where not only do the instructors assist, but fellow artists help each other as well.

Calhoun Community College has provided me an opportunity that otherwise I would not have had, and I am greatly appreciative.


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