Posted by: ccclib | June 21, 2012

Philosophy behind the physical library

Brian Matthews over at the Ubiquitous Librarian blog muses about the interaction between how a library functions as a physical building that contains information-accessing materials (books, computers, periodicals, etc.) and the philosophical ideas that underlie as well as grow out of the physical (and, I suppose, digital) content.  As Matthews puts it “I think sometimes (most times?) we get caught up in (obsessed with?) the materiality —but it’s really about what the materiality enables, not the other way around.”

This approach could lead to over-analyzing each aspect of library design and function, but it also raises some practical questions: What does a library mean to you? What is it’s purpose?  What are your expectations when you go to a place called a “library” and are those expectations met?  These aren’t just rhetorical questions.  Feel free to respond and comment.  Feedback can help us improve library services and content.

THE LIBRARY IS [JUST] A PHILOSOPHY (it’s not about the chairs)


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