Posted by: ccclib | July 16, 2012

The (limited) return to quiet.

Libraries are all about being surrounded by information.  Often, however, many of us are not just surrounded by information but bombarded with it.  We live in a riot of notifications, alerts, messages, and constant connection.  It’s possible for these distractions to impede learning so some academic libraries are beginning to offer designated quiet areas for study.

In many cases, the request for quiet zones came from students who were unable to find a peaceful place to study anywhere else. The library director at Huntingdon College in Montgomery has noticed

“this prevailing attitude among faculty and administrators that all students want to be in a group situation all the time.” That’s not the case, in his experience. “Maybe there’s more of that, but there are plenty of students out there who enjoy being by themselves, or can’t study with their earphones in and the TV on.”

Calhoun’s libraries don’t have designated tech-free or silent areas, but it’s easy to find a quiet place to study or read.  For those who do want connection and interaction, we also have study rooms available for groups of three or more.  Just ask, we won’t shush you.

At Libraries, Quiet Makes a Comeback

via The Chronicle of Higher Education*

*See previous post regarding Chronicle domain access.


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