Posted by: ccclib | October 1, 2013

RSS Feeds for ProQuest (full text) Newspapers

Authorized users (currently enrolled students and current employees) can create RSS Feeds for full text content in the licensed database, ProQuest Newspapers. This feature was down recently, but is now available.

ProQuest Newspapers consists of the full text content of 1139 newspapers, 132 trade journals, 131 wire feeds, and 34 magazines. Newspapers include full text content of the Wall St. Journal (multiple editions from around the world), The New York Times, and many more newspapers from around the globe.

To create an RSS Feed, open ProQuest Newspapers, and click on ‘Publications’. Enter the title of the newspaper, or choose from among the A – Z list of titles. Bring up the citation for the title itself, and click on Create an RSS Feed. Click on the link that appears in the window. Finally, click on ‘Subscribe to this Feed’.

Your RSS feed will automatically notify you when new issues are available by showing in BOLD type.

If you have any questions, please contact a librarian by email:


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