Posted by: ccclib | November 21, 2013

ARC Collection

The ARC (Academic Reading Collection) Reading Shelves at Calhoun’s two Libraries offer books and reading of interest to everyone in the Calhoun community! Specially selected titles with wide appeal appear on the ARC Reading Shelves.

Goals of the special collections in support of the QEP’s Academic Reading Comprehension include:

  • To add to the print rich environment
  • To encourage reading across disciplines
  • To offer reading strategies for teaching (Example: The Reader’s Handbook: Reading Strategies for College and Everyday Life)
  • To provide books on leadership and other topics of professional interest to faculty and staff

From vocation to avocation, you will find new, interesting, and timely titles, some fiction but mostly nonfiction, located in the ARC Collections.

An ARC Reading Shelf is located at both Calhoun Libraries – Huntsville and Decatur. While browsing the books on the shelves is encouraged, ARC titles are searchable through the ‘Advanced Search’ of the Calhoun Library Catalog.

To bring up a title list of all books on the ARC Reading Shelves at each Calhoun Library, first, type the letter ‘a’ in the field for ‘Title Keyword’, select the ‘Location’ (Calhoun Community College for Decatur campus Library; Calhoun Research Park for the Huntsville Library), select the ‘Collection’ – ARC Reading Shelf, and tap ‘Enter’ or use your mouse to click on the Red Arrow. You will bring up a list of all print books on the ARC Reading Shelf at the Library you have chosen. This search must be performed using the ‘Advanced Search’.

Brewer Library’s ARC shelves:







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